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As a poet and spoken words artist offering poetry for introspection and healing, Saji’s poetry has been known to “speak to the heart.”


This is me

Raised in a small town of Kent, Ohio, now residing in Houston, TX, Saji was introduced to poetry at a young age, growing up with the works of Maya Angelou, Khalil Gibran, Nikki Giovanni, and Langston Hughes as her regular reading material she got caught up in the world of words and never wanted to escape. During adolescene when the books were replaced with CD Lyric inserts a whole new world of poetry opened up for her. She began writing her own poetry in High School, and continued writing and performing with The Poetry Society, a poetry collective at Eastern Michigan University. Coming off a hiatus from poetry to raise her young children, she is now reemerging as a spoken word artist and performer with more life experience under her belt and a greater understanding on the impact words have. She aims to use her poetry and gift of voice to uplift the people that hears her work and encourage them to find more love for themselves within themselves

I’ve been asked a lot if I’m making an album and the answer is yes

And with your help! In my upcoming EP, Jonesin’: A Requiem for Love, I put together a collection of 7 poems, I like to call “heart to heart conversations”, exploring the different levels and layers of love and loving oneself and another person after a heartbreak. Touching on topics of healing, self-love, sex, spirituality, and everything in between, I offer these poems as medicine for those who’ve given up and cut themselves off from love. As a student of love myself, I don’t know it all but I’ve learned some things along the way and I want to convey that if you can heal and find that true love we’re all searching for within yourself and know you’re the source of it, you won’t ever be without it again. Love like that can’t help but be reflected back. With your help I will be able to pay for studio hours, mixing & mastering, beats, and album art. No donation is too small or too large. $1855 is the goal! Let’s make this poetry EP together Good People! And look, this is happening with or without you so might as well be apart of it. Jonesin’: A Requiem for Love will be streaming on your favorite music platform once it’s finished. I hope this love offering opens your heart a little more.



For Love


Jonesin': A Requiem for Love, Saji Samii takes readers on a love journey through a collection of poems, intimate heart to heart conversations that explores love after heartbreak, revives hope in love for those struggling to find it again, and leads readers back home to their selves where the endless well of love resides.

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What my 
fans say

"Sajii is a whole different kind of vibe. Her artistry is sultry and soulful, leaving imprints on the heart. Her words pull you inward to a place of reflection, a place of remembrance, a place of finding healing in the home within."

- B. Dejean

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